Chicken Smothered with Cajun Spiced Chutney Garnished with Crisp Bacon


Charred Tuna Steak Topped with Mange Tout and Baby Tomato Drizzled with Lemon Gremolata


Quiche Provençal

A medley of vegetables blend with mozzarella, black olives in a seasoned creamy egg custard baked in a light short crust pastry case


Sun blush Tomato Focaccia Bread laced with Green Pesto Olive Oil


Hand Carved

Honey & Chilli Roast Gammon Slices


Traditional Coleslaw

Potato Salad Vinaigrette

Beef Tomatoes

Buffalo Mozzarella

Mixed Leaf Leaves

Cubed Cucumber

Marinated Olives

Vinaigrette Dressing

Sour Cream


£15.95 per Person

Minimum of 20 Persons per Booking


Please Note All Food Items Are Subject To Supplier Availability
Please Contact Us If you Have Any Dietary Requirements
We at Sandeli SO53 Will Endeavour To Meet Your Food Needs