With regard to menus for the younger party guest, depending on their ages we can tailor to a more specific age range.
There are two options you may like to consider, a platter or individually boxed. These menus are both £5 +VAT a head.


Option 1 - Platter

Pin wheel sandwiches

Mini filled rolls

Freshly made pizza slices

Homemade miniature sausage rolls

Vegetable Crudities

Selection of Crisps

Freshly baked Ottis Cookies

Fruit Kebabs


Option 2 - Boxed

Two filled sandwiches (with choice of gammon, cheddar or mix)

Packet of Crisps

Carton of Fruit Juice

Freshly baked Ottis Cookies

Grape Medley


Please Note All Food Items Are Subject To Supplier Availability
Please Contact Us If you Have Any Dietary Requirements
We at Sandeli SO53 Will Endeavour To Meet Your Food Needs